Training Courses

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Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)

Chief of General Staff (CGS)

Wartell (OF-9)

Assistant Chief of General Staff (ACGS)

Written-Life (OF-8)

Military Secretary (MILSEC)

Mastership (OF-4)

USN: Joint Staff Command (JSC)

Director of the Army Recruitment & Training Department (DARTD)

AurorAlecto (OF-3)

Director of the Army Personnel Centre (DAPC)

Tryast (OF-2)

Director, Special Forces (DSF)

Menacers (OF-1)

Director of Media & Communcation (DMC)

Capt-Soap (OF-D)

Provost Marshall Army (PMA)

EatMyToes- (OF-2)

Director, Foreign Commonwealth Office (DFCO)

Metromental (OF-4)

Chief of Defence Intel (CDI)

Verol (OF-3)

Chief Information & Technology (CI&T)

Aestrol (OF-3)

Assistant Military Secretary (AMILSEC)

NotLewis (OF-4)